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Teaching and Spiritual Direction
Sunday School Wednesday Study Ladies Bible Study Men & Women of God Class
We have Bible classes for all children, ages 3 through 12th grade. Classes are offered on both Sunday and Wednesday evenings. We have a good number of dedicated and qualified teachers who love the Lord and the children. They use a variety of methods and activities to teach the Word of God. CUCCAN Adults Current Study: Timothy & Titus Instructor: Clarence Carter Room: Sanctuary CUCCAN Youth Current Study: The Bible Instructor: Keir Brady Room: 301 There is no better way to recharge your spiritual batteries then by joining us for Bible talk and study on Wednesday evenings at the building. The class enjoys in-depth studies of topical issues facing Christians today, in an informal environment that encourages discussion and stimulates understanding. Studies are paced to encourage deeper understanding and application. CUCCAN Wed Current Study: Revelation Instructor: Keir Brady Room: Sanctuary Bible study for all women with an multi-dialogue study environment and an opportunity to meet women who love to study God’s word, reach out to the community, pray for one another, and walk through life together. The class occurs every 2nd Saturday of the month at 11am. CUCCAN LS Current Study: View Schedule Instructor: Teaching Rotation Room: 301
Topic driven and centered around lessons designed specifically for men and women, Classes are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7PM at the building. Returning Fall 2018 Topical Lessons In-depth study to explore specific Biblical areas or topics to capture a greater understanding. Available Fall 2018


Next Steps Class 201 Next Steps (201) is for members and is an intermediate class for members on the Bible, New Testament Church, Discipleship, conflict management, personal suffering and personal evangelism. . The class is offered twice a year and sign up is required. CUCCAN NS Current Study: 201 Instructors: Keir Brady Room: Sanctuary
Advance Steps Class 301 Advanced Steps (301) is the last class that deals with The Bible & Hermetic/Exegesis techniques, New Testament Church, Discipleship, personal ministry and personal leadership. The class is offered twice a year and sign up is required. CUCCAN AS Current Study: 301 Instructors: Keir Brady Room: Sanctuary
First Steps Class 101 The First Steps class (101) is for members and non members and is an introduction to Central Union, the Bible, New Testament church and discipleship The class is offered once a quarter and sign up is required. CUCCAN FS Current Study: 101 Instructors: Keir Brady, Jerry Quarles, Joe Wady Room: Sanctuary